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"The AEO Asia tour (Spring 2017)was extremely productive. I had known about AEO, but had not yet selected to go on one. My thoughts now are “why have I not been on this before now?”  All stops were perfectly coordinated regarding time and travel, getting us into 4 schools per day. Bob Allan surely knows this region inside and out. The advertisement obviously worked, because we had strong attendance as well at the public exhibitions. I appreciated the balance and number of schools on the tour and could not ask for a more friendly group of representatives to spend time with. The leaders are sincerely interested in ensuring they deliver the most successful tour possible for every type of school."

- Becky Hanson, University of Iowa

“Many claim to have experience in Southeast Asia, but no one knows the region better than Bob Allan and the AEO Tour. All details are carefully considered to allow for the greatest exposure for the students to the colleges/universities and the representatives to the students/counselors/families. UC Berkeley is excited to join the AEO Tour again.”
- Lin Larson, University of California, Berkeley 
"The AEO Fall 2014 Asia Tour was absolutely fabulous. In addition to being well organized, the high school and community college visits allowed the reps to interact with numerous students who were serious about studying in the United States.  The highlight of the tour was the fantastic turnout of students and parents at the college fairs held at excellent hotels.  There is no doubt Fresno State will enroll several students for our Spring term and a couple dozen students for Fall, 15.  Fresno State will definitely join the AEO Tours for Fall, 15 and Spring, 16."
- Bernie Vinovrski, California State University, Fresno 
"After participating in the AEO Tour for the past year, we have over doubled our International Undergraduate numbers. The AEO tour has been a huge success for the University of Bridgeport, already one of the most internationally diverse schools in the United States. Countries in Southeast Asia are flowing with students who would like to develop their education in the United States, and nobody knows Southeast Asia like Bob Allan and the AEO Tour. A treasure of an experience not to be passed up by any school wanting to develop in the International Market!"
- Chris O'Neill, University of Bridgeport
"The AEO tour was fast paced, cost effective, professionally organized and very well advertised. I look forward to working with Bob Allan again."
- Antonia Creteanu, DePaul University 
“The AEO Tour has been very productive for us -- almost too productive. So far, we have collected 174 undergraduate applications from the Fall AEO tour. With such a large volume of applications, we may be forced to decrease our recruiting efforts in the areas. The AEO Tour, by far, is the most cost-effective way to stimulate applications from international students.”
- Vince Altum, Wichita State University
 “CSN is very pleased with the results of its participation on the AEO Tour.  The tour was both productive and positive and the opportunity to meet thousands of students in some of the most dynamic markets in international education was invaluable.  Our time was well spent throughout the tour and ensured a maximum return on our investment.  Furthermore, the professional counsel we received from the organizer throughout the trip was extremely helpful.  The knowledge gained during this tour will aid CSN greatly in making wise international recruitment decisions in the future.  We are looking forward to future participation and to the increased business that comes as a result of repeat visits to the region."
- Scott Naus, College of Southern Nevada
 “The fairs are phenomenally well attended and while high school students are a relatively small proportion of the attendees we continue to enroll high quality students as a result of our participation on the tour. I have traveled with other groups but remain with AEO as no other tour seems to be able to advertise the fairs as effectively as AEO does.” 
- Lynn Yekiazarian, Southwestern Academy
“The AEO tour was by far the most productive recruiting trip I have ever undertaken. I was amazed at the extraordinarily large number of students attending each fair, and impressed by the quality of prospects I met. I fully expect to recoup the cost of our investment many, many, times over. Thanks, Bob, and please reserve a permanent place for us on every one of your future tours.”     
- Stanley Nel, University of San Francisco
"I always return from an AEO Tour feeling that my school's time and money have been well spent. We see wonderful students at numerous school visits and widely publicized exhibitions. My school's international enrollment and visibility have benefited from your extensive knowledge of the region, comprehensive itinerary, and extensive advertising.”
- Susan McGill, Hiram College 
"The AEO exhibitions are well advertised in each city and attract  hundreds of qualified students and their families who are specifically interested in studying in the United States.  The contacts made over the years have been an important contributor to the strength of our international student program."
- Ellen Blauw, Marquette University

FALL tour 2017


Ho Chi Minh City: Sept. 23 - 25

Kuala Lumpur:    Sept. 25 - 28

Penang:              Sept. 28 - 30

Singapore:          Sept. 30 - Oct. 2


Bangkok:            Sept. 20 - 23

Jakarta:              Oct. 2 - 5

AEO Tour

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