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About Us

For over 34 years, Bob Allan has led the AEO Tour. With 50 years' experience in international education, Bob is definitely the most experienced tour leader there is. Bob had his start in international education in Vietnam. While serving with the 101st Airborne Division, he volunteered to teach English and ran the Michigan State English test in Hue, Vietnam.

AEO offers the best student recruitment tours of Asia. The cities we choose have proven to be excellent markets for recruiting high quality, full fee-paying international students. The AEO Tour is consistently 30-50% lower in cost than other tours, with more school visits, public exhibitions, and includes top hotels with club floors.

No other tour or exhibitor spends the amount of money that AEO does on promoting public exhibitions. AEO still advertises in all newspapers (because parents still read the newspapers) as well as very heavily on social media. The AEO exhibitions are known to have parents accompanying students to the exhibitions. Our full page, full color advertisements are seen by millions throughout Southeast Asia. AEO also sends hundreds of mailings to every high school in every city.

Obtain the diversity of a racial and cultural mix every college needs through the Asian Tour offered by AEO Tour. By relying on our expertise, you will be able to gain wide exposure for your college to highly qualified students at an affordable rate.

You can always count on AEO! We have never canceled a tour in 34 years.