AEO Tour

Celebrating 30 Years of

International Student Recruitment

Important Questions to ask before choosing a
Student Recruitment Tour:

1. Does your tour offer its own exhibitions in each city besides fairs at schools?

The AEO Tour A is the only tour that offers its own public exhibitions at prestigious hotels in each city. These exhibitions are very important for while we can have fairs at two to eight schools in each city, there are literally hundreds of excellent schools which we cannot visit. The fairs are organized so students from these hundreds of schools can meet the college representatives at these public forums.

2. Do the exhibitions maintain diversity among participating colleges?

Will your college be lost among all those other colleges? The AEO tour ranges from 14 - 30.  Only the AEO tour maintains diversity. AEO strictly limits the number of colleges from each state and diversity is also maintained in types of institutions allowed on each tour. These strict diversity requirements ensure more successful recruiting for each participating college. 

The AEO Tour does not look for large numbers of participating institutions but keeps the tour small to ensure success for our participants. The AEO tour offers maximum exposure to students but minimum competition from other colleges which makes for much greater success in recruitment. If you are tired of being lost among huge numbers of colleges at exhibitions and finding your numbers declining because of this competition then look into the AEO tour.

3. What is the attendance at the AEO exhibitions?

Even though the number of colleges participating in the AEO exhibitions is small, the number of highly qualified students attending is huge. We know how to bring out large numbers of highly qualified students to our exhibitions. In general our exhibitions will draw two to five times more students than other tours. Our turnouts are huge because of our extensive advertising campaign with quarter and half page ads day after day to inform students of our exhibitions.

Please compare our advertising with any other tour and you will see why our exhibition turnouts are the largest. Once you compare you will see the AEO tour is the best. Please feel free to contact our participants and then you will understand why they return year after year. The AEO Tour is designed for colleges that are strictly interested in increasing their international student enrollment.