​​​The AEO Spring Tour 2018 visits seven cities in Asia. For over 30 years AEO has offered the best student recruitment tours of Asia. As usual, the AEO Tour is 30 – 60 percent lower in cost than any other tour. The cities we choose have proven to be excellent markets for recruiting high quality, full fee paying international markets.

1. Basic Tour: $7,900 (Feb. 28 - March 10)
(Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh, Kuala Lumpur, Penang)

a) AEO exhibitions in hotel ballrooms                        
b) advertising and promotion of exhibitions               
c) inter Asia airfares                                                   
d) school visits with fairs  

e) tour brochure

f) deluxe hotel accommodations

g) buffet breakfasts each morning

h) group ground transportation

i) group dinners

A huge portion of the cost goes towards advertising our AEO exhibitions. AEO not only advertises throughout the social media but continues to place full, half and quarter page ads in all the top newspapers.  AEO Tour is the only tour that advertises to this extent.  Parents still read newspapers!  AEO exhibitions are noted for having many parents accompany their children to the fairs.

2. Option to Taiwan: $1,900 (March 10 - 15)
a) 5 nights’ deluxe hotel accommodations                  

b) buffet breakfasts

c) 3 full days of school visits                                                  

d) ground transportation

3. Basic Tour + Taiwan Option: Feb. 28 - March 15
Special Discounted Price: $9,400:

16 days – 4 AEO public exhibitions – 30 school visits

4. School Visits Option: $6,990 (Feb. 28 - March 15)
(Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh, Kuala Lumpur, Penang, Taipei, Taichung, Kaohsiung)
30 school visits!  This includes all the above (c) to (i).  Does not include the AEO public exhibitions.

5. City Options
This includes school visits, AEO exhibition, ground transportation and inclusion in the tour brochure.   Participants can choose one or more cities. This does not include hotel accommodation.
1. Hanoi: $1,000        

2. Ho Chi Minh: $1,500         

3.Kuala Lumpur: $2,500      

4.Penang: $1,200      

6. Second Participant:
a) if sharing hotel room, the extra cost would be about 10% of the cost of the first participant
b) with separate hotel room, the cost would be about 30% of the cost of the first participant.

The AEO Tour offers the following advantages:
1. more exhibitions than any other tour.
2. larger student turnouts at AEO exhibitions in each city 
3. lower costs – 30% - 60% lower than other tours
4. more school visits
5. 30+ years of experience running tours
6. AEO concentrates solely on Asia and offers only 2 tours a year to Asia.  Other tours will
    offer up to 12 tours a year.  We spend the whole year organizing our two tours.
7. executive club floor rooms or suites in most cities.
8. huge advertising campaigns to promote the AEO exhibitions.
9. AEO consistently maintains diversity in the colleges chosen to participate.

    Maintaining diversity means successful student recruitment.
10. AEO exhibitions are held in top hotel ballrooms.​


AEO Tour

Celebrating 30 Years of

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